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Howdy, Reader! Nowadays we share our food, we share our clothes, we share our thoughts with each other like same sharing data files from one device to another device have made it easier for the people to engage with same sharing process.

“Sharing is Caring”

Previously, to transfer files from PC to Phone or vice versa, we use USB data cables to make it possible but after the existence of ShareIT, those data cables are not much needed and they are left only to charge the smartphones.

But likely, even ShareIT has lost it coolness and the software sometimes gets crashed and the files failed to get transferred but other than ShareIT there are many other alternatives came into existence which has given a tight competition to Wireless transferring of files

So in this article, we will know which is that best android data transfer app which likely to change the upcoming trend and make it easier and that is

Send Anywhere – Best Android Data Transfer

Many of us wouldn’t know or aware of this app, but after testing so many android data transfer app, I found out this to be the best file transferring app.

What makes this app different from others?

The tagline of this app is

“Send Whatever You Want, Wherever You Want”

Yes! You can send whatever you want from Files likes ‘Apps, Images, Videos, Folders, Documents etc… This app is also designed with a unique and user-friendly interface and this is also secured app where you cannot transfer the files without the Pin number entered in the receivers mobile. This makes the uniqueness of the app.

Let’s see how to use this app :

Transfer Files From Android/IOS to Android/IOS

First of all Download this app from Play Store, you could find it easily by typing ‘Send Anywhere‘. After installing the app, Launch it and swipe the intro part.

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After that, on the top middle, you will see two option One is Wifi On and Wifi Off, this means if your device is connected with wifi and the same wifi is connected to another device lets say Receiver device, then you can transfer the file very fastly and easily with the same wifi connection that is Wifi On.

The second one is Wifi Off. This means if both of the devices are not connected to any Wifi connection then you can transfer the files via your Mobile’s Hotspot.

The app will automatically enable the mobile hotspot and receiver device has to connect that Hotspot connection in order to transfer the files.

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After you select your mode of transferring whether Wifi On or Wifi Off, Select your files which you want to share with another device.You can select individually or even in Bulky.

After selecting such files, in the bottom air, you will see Send option, Click that option and the receiver has to connect Sender’s hotspot or in case if it is Wifi connection if will get automatically connected.

Send Images

Now in Sender’s device, there will a Pin number which has to be entered in receiver device to enable the transfer process, after entering the pin click on Tick option and the files will get transferred without any disturbance and very quickly.Pin Number

Transfer Files From Android/IOS to PC

The same process can be done while transferring files to Pc. Just you download the Send Anywhere software, Click Here to download the software.

After downloading, install the app and launch it. Now select the files you want to transfer to android and click Send button. Connect your phone with Wifi or Pc hotspot > Enter the Pin number and the files will be transferred automatically.


Send Anywhere is a file transferring app developed by Estmob Team which is available for Android/IOS/Windows. This app as per my concern is the best Android data transfer app. This app is pin secured where without entering the pin number in the receiver device, the file cannot be transferred. The user-friendly user interface makes this app and the amazing feature has made this app got more than 5 million + downloads on Play Store.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any doubts, kindly leave a comment in the Comments section.

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