Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog


Blogging is a type of passion which makes a person better and understanding. But before doing anything new, a person should know some basic things before starting a blog

What is a blog?

A blog is an informative platform on the internet, which help the people come to know about information from various sources of news for like Tech, Gadgets, Politics, Movies, Reviews, Health etc. These are different types of niches which help people to gain knowledge about that particular field and it also makes them share with other people just like Networking.

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Since we know there are many platforms where a person can start a blog for free, in this advancing world- most of the people believed using Blogspot and WordPress Platform.

Recaps Of Blogging Platform


A free web-based blogging platform designed by Google where any individual without any investment can start writing a blog within few minutes with an exponent domain name.


WordPress is a most used and famous blogging platform. About 30% of the internet is powered by WordPress with more than 160 Million blogs created from it. WordPress is sub-divided into two categories and Self Hosted WordPress CMS (Content Management System). is a free blogging platform with many limitation and restriction but easy to use and a person can set up his blog within few minutes whereas, Self Hosted WordPress is an investment made the platform with infinity customization and no limitation.

A person can get his own Domain name with customizing themes and plugin. It is to be said if a person wants to earn his living, only WordPress CMS can provide him exponential monetization then any other Platform.

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Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

Before starting a blog, a blogger should be aware of some basic blogging concepts. Let’s see what are they.

  • Take Blogging as your PassionStarting A Blog

You must have read this point on many blogs that If you are passionate about Blogging, then do it or else it’s waste of time. Those articles are absolutely right and legit. Passion is something which comes from deep inside of a human soul. If you are blogging for just name sake- People aren’t going to give damn attention to your blog. If you are good at writing but lack of knowledge, then blogging is not your choice.

But if you are good at Researching and Networking and also if you finding an interest out of it when you change your opinion of starting and making it a successful blog.

  • P.E.D – Patience, Enthusiasm, and DedicationStarting A Blog (2)

Remember this three words – Patience, Enthusiasm, and Dedication (P.E.D). Let us imagine while you have written a blog post with a perfect SEO and good quality content and you published it, thinking this post might get over 10,000 views overnight, then FORGET about it. Blogging isn’t a simple profession, it requires efforts, it requires patience. Most of the people after blogging for 3-4 months and not getting effective visitors discourages them and due to which they end up quitting blogging.

If you really have the capacity to handle your patience swings, then Blogging is all yours. Like you should also be enthusiastic about it. Find some good blog content ideas, write more on top blog topics, try to reach out with excellent marketing strategy and give your extremely hard work to each and every article and your dedication success will take you to an upper level.

  • Don’t Blog For MoneyStarting A Blog (3)

Even this, you must have read my articles. Blogging isn’t only for Money making, but Yes! it can give us a huge income but a person shouldn’t dependent only on blogging. If your only intention is to make money out of blogging then I guarantee- You wouldn’t be able to make a single penny from your blog, and also if you start making money- it won’t add Value to it.

So, don’t be just dependent on blogging. If you have any Business or Job don’t quit because later you will regret taking such step. As I said, Be passionate and your Hard work will truly praise you surely.

  • Invest Little-Earn MoreStarting A Blog (4)

To start a new business, a person should need money, to buy something, Money is important, to travel somewhere, Money is required. Yes! Money plays an important role no matter whatever work you do whether Job, business or Entertainment. Same as Blogging requires money. If you are using Free blogging platform, you will not but those free services will not you more engagements as a Paid Service will it.

A platform like and Blogger are just only for Informative Source they will not give you money but if you are using a Self-hosted WordPress Website– you will have to invest a little investment and those investments are worth enough.

You will have to spend your money on these services like

  1. Buying Domain Name And Web Hosting
  2. Paying For Website Designing
  3. Paying For A Premium Theme and Plugin
  4. Paying For Services to get more engagements.

and many more. If you truly give your heart to blogging, your money wouldn’t go waste but instead, your hard work will revert back to you with a massive income. These investments will not cost you more, you will have to pay for the services which you own that’s it.Why To Blog

So, these were some basic understanding of Blogging Concepts. I will give much more exposure to Blogging and Money Making techniques in forthcoming articles. Do stay updated.


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