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Howdy, Reader! Many of us keep our phone on silent mode while residing at home or work, but sometimes we regret doing it because sometimes, keeping the phone in silent mode could not be found overlay.

Due to which it creates and havoc and brings us into the tension of losing the phone here and there. Though in this modern world, Mobile phones is like our heart, we don’t keep it away from us but due to the prestige of workload, we might forget them for few minutes.

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I personally experienced it many times and end up losing one of my own and couldn’t find it because of keeping it in silent mode.

In order to avoid this same mistake, here in this article, I will teach you how to find your phone if it is in Silent mode.

There are two ways to that you can find your phone in silent mode:

Method 1

Find your phone with Ring My Droid App

Firstly, Download Treehouse-RingMy Droid App from the button given below. (You will not be able to find this app in play store because it might be incompatible with your device)

Treehouse – Ring My Droid

After downloading this apk file, install the app and launch it.

You will see the green screen with Treehouse written on it and a SET button. Below there is a line “When the phone receives an SMS with this key Phrase, it will ring an alarm.”

Now, exactly how this app works – Instead of TreTreehouse Phraseehouse, you can keep any other phrase of your own like. You have to just remember what phrase you have Set in the app.Type Your Own Phrase

In case if your phone is in silent mode and you aren’t able to find it, take some other phone and open Normal Messaging app. There select your contact and in message box type the Phrase you have inserted in the app for eg. ‘Treehouse’. Now send the message and as soon as you receive the message the phone will start ringing on an Emergency alarm.Type A Message Of Same Phrase

By this, you will come across your lost mobile phone without getting hyper.

Method 2

Find your phone using Find My Device app by Google.

In your android phone go to Settings and then find Device Administrators option. Enable Android Device Manager by swiping it towards the right.

Now download Find My Device from Play store and install it on some others phone

After installation, sign in to your Google account and the app will display your mobile phone current location.Sing in To Your Google Account

You can find the exact location of your phone and below you will find Three options: Ring, Lock and Erase.

Ring: As soon as you select the Ring option, the phone will start ringing even if it is silent mode.Ring

Lock: If your phone is unlocked and app lock-free, by clicking this option, the app will automatically Lock your phone and save it from getting accessed by unknown.

Erase: In case if you don’t want your data to be leaked or hijacked by others, by clicking Erase option, the app will wipe(Format) away from all your data and it will make your phone look like a newbie.

This method is highly recommended if when you have lost your phone in a public place or some unknown place and don’t want it to get in hands of strangers.

Isn’t this useful?


Losing our phone is really a mess and it also gets worse when it comes into contact with an unknown person as our data might be at risk or gets misused. Sometimes we forget our phone keeping it in silent mode and this happens casually. To avoid this confusion, I have listed our two ways where you can save your android phone from getting hijacked and easily find your phone if it is kept in silent mode.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any doubts, kindly leave a comment in the Comments section.

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