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Important Tip

“We all want to become happy. Our happiness is in our hand.

We don’t know on what age we will die but we can make sure that

Whatever time we are here we live happily.”

  1. Be GratefulBe Grateful

The first secret of happiness is being grateful for what we have. There are so many people on earth who are not getting basic necessities. People are not getting food to eat, shelter to live, clothes to wear, education to learn.

As human nature, we always ignore the people who are getting less than us and we compare ourselves with those who are having a luxurious life. You are grateful for a happy living, god. We have so many good things in life just a make a note of things. You are having so much. Happiness is free. It does not depend on your bank balance.

2. Enjoy Every MomentEnjoy Every Moment

If you know how to enjoy every moment then you know the key to happiness. It’s human nature to think about future and waste a precious moment of the present. We must live in present moment.

Past we cannot change. Future is uncertain. But if we use present moment to enjoy our life and live the life then our future would be automatically good. Living in present moment an art which very few people know.

3. Laughter is the best medicineLaughter is the best medicine

Today our life is so busy.people are so anxious that they forget to smile in a day. Laughter may not solve your daily problems but it certainly reduces pressure. It’s scientific proof that those who laugh they live longer as compared to anxious people. Try to find laughter in life. Make someone smile. Spread happiness.

4. Problems are Part Of LifeProblems are past of life

We always think that our problem is bigger than any problems. We need to understand that in this world everyone is surrounded by one and another problem. Everybody has their own problems. Some are not having money whereas some are crying for love.

Nobody’s life is Perfect. The problem would always be there. If we can solve the problem with a smile then why to take tension.

5. Follow Your PassionFollow Your Passion

Doing the things which we love leads to happiness. Some people like to play sports, Some like to dance, some likes to read while some like to sing. Passion can be anything. We must give sometimes to our passion.

When we do the things, we love we feel great and Satisfied. Whenever you feel bad think which hobby makes you happy and do that. Passion is a way to connect with yourself. We all are talented but in a unique way.

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