How To Fix Google Play Store No Connection Problem

Howdy, Reader! Sometimes, when we experience very worst nightmare when our android’s heart module which is Google Play Store No Connection problem.

I have come across many android mobiles were their Google Play Store/Services aren’t working or they have accidentally stopped working.

There are many reasons which this cause happens, one major cause is a hell lot of junk information have been stored in Android data or overusing of Play stores like Downloading Unwanted apps and auto-updating apps in the smartphone.

This cause nonfunctioning of Google Play Store/Services. Many of us, Wipe away their phone to get their Play Store back but this also causes Erasing of Personal data, but this couldn’t be happening anymore.

So in this article, we will learn how to remove all these unwanted junk, be aware of installing unwanted apps and cleaning the Google Play Store/Services data cache.

1. Clearing OI Data Of Google Play Store And Services:

Go to settings and then go to System Apps. Their search for Google Play Store and Press Enter.

Then Swipe Down and Click On Clear Data or Wipe Data. After that Click On Clear Cache. This method will wipe your Google Play Store data and cache and you will have to again Sing in to download the apps and services.Play Store No Connection

Second, Clear the data and Cache of Google Play Services, just search for Google Play Services and follow the same method listed above.Play Store No Connection

Third, Clear the data and cache of Google Play Framework Services also.

2. Enable Download Manager Settings:

The main reason behind Play Store No Connection error is sometimes, the download manager gets disabled which cause non installing of apps. So in order to enable this

Go to Settings >System Apps > Downloads or Download Manager. Then Click On Enable button. Clear the downloads data and cache once to remove the junk files.

3. Remove Google Account and Log In Again.

By doing this method, your phone will not have any account sync with the Google.This will make the Play Store reload once again whenever you log in to your Google account once again.Enable Download Manager

4. Change Your Region Date and Time Settings.

Make sure that your phone date and time is configured to your region, what happens is when you have different time zone configured the play store will behave anonymously and will run according to that region time zone, so if you are India, make sure you have Indian IST local time zone.

Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Change Date and Time > Select your Zone Local time and Click Ok.Change Date and Time Settings

5. Reboot Your Phone To Fix Play Store No Connection Error.

After you have applied all the steps given above, Kindly reboot your phone in order to make these settings applied to your smartphone and resolve your Play Store No Connection error.

Isn’t this easy method of solving Play Store No Connection error? Comment your views in the comment section. Thank You!

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