Remove Duplicate Contacts From Your Android Phone

Howdy, Reader! Ever wondered while checking out your Contact lists, you see a contact name appearing twice or thrice? it’s just because those duplicate contacts which are merged with social media apps get sync by the Phone management system and it triggers the contacts and multiplies them again and again.

This irritates! some of those duplicate contacts don’t even contain the mobile number and stays empty whereas the other contact consists of a 2-3 number in a single contact.

There are many ways why duplicate contacts occur. sometimes organizing the contacts from all the sources like Whatsapp, Messenger, Hike, Paytm, Google etc and this causes the duplication.

In order to avoid this, there are some methods where you stop this duplication without getting repeating on your phone.

Method 1

(May Not Work With Some Android Phones)

This step is quite simple- Go to your Contacts and go to their settings. Click on Display Preferences > Contacts configure and Select only Google Source and untick all other accounts.

Display Preference

This will make your contact list to display Only Google contacts and if you have contacts in your Sim Card, Kindly enable  ‘Show Sim Contacts‘ to avoid misplacement of the contacts.Configue ContactsSelect One Source

Method 2

Installing 3rd Party app – Simple Merge Contacts

This is the only trusted app which will help you get rid of duplicate contacts. This app is easy to use, Just install this app from the Play store or Click here the link to download.

After installing open the app. The app will perform a quick scan your contacts lists and then you see all the details of your duplicate contacts presently on your phone.Show Merge PossibleScan all Duplicate Contacts

Swipe right and click on Show Possible Mergers, after that click on Merge button. The app will merge all your duplicate contacts and those unwanted contacts will get deleted.Merge Contacts

Method 3 

Using another 3rd Party app – Duplicate Contacts

This is a very simple app, clear and sober, user interface. This app will perform a quick scan of your contacts list and it will display it on your screen.

As soon as the app scans your duplicate contacts, just glance through all the duplicate contacts and then click on Delete button which is at right top corner. Those duplicate contacts will get deleted and you won’t see it again.


Duplicate contacts create an havoc in your contacts lists which leads to confusion in search of a real contact. This happens due to syncing all the social media profiles contacts to the phone. These can be removed by simply installing third-party apps like Simple Merge Contacts or Duplicate Contacts, this app will help you to remove all those contacts and free up your phone storage.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any doubts, kindly leave a comment in the Comments section.

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