Guest Posting- Submission Guidelines


Howdy, Reader! Well, I Was in a deep thought, Why to write and publish content on the website by Self when we are having such amazing Readers and Writers. So here The Tech Fever presents Guest Posting from our valuable Readers and Writers.

Who Can Write?

Those who are interested in contributing towards our website by writing a Guest Post are most welcome. Here you can write on the topics like – Softwares, Androids, Blogging and Life Hacks. See the table below to see the required criteria.

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How Can You Register?

Before writing any guest post, you have to first get registered to The Tech Fever. First of all, all you have to do is Create a Contributor Account.

Click on Sign In/ Join Link (For PC/Laptop – It will on the Top Left Corner and For Mobile, Click on Menu > Join).

Wait, for 2-3 minutes, and you will receive a confirmation mail. In that Email, you will be able to see a link which will be your Setting your profile password. Click on that Link > Enter your password in both the boxes > Click Ok. Click on Create an Account > Enter Your User Name and Email ID > Click Register.

Finally, Your Contributor account is been created with The Tech Fever.

Accessing the Contributor Account

Next, Log in to your account with Username or Email Id and Enter Password. You will be logged in to your Dashboard.

Click on Profile > Insert Your Profile Picture > Link up yours Social Media Accounts > Describe Yourself  > Press Update Profiles.

Above the steps is required so that People will be able to know who is the contributor and his/her Social Media Profiles.

WritingThe Post

Now, comes the interesting Part, Before I tell you how to submit your post Just remember one thing


On whatever topic you choose and write, Content is very important. For a blog, more than it’s attractive design and features, Content plays an important role which maintains the growth of Reputation of the website.

So Log in to your Dashboard and click on Add New button on the top. You can see a Windows with Title Box and Content Box at the left and while other information at the right.

Here I will teach you how to write the blog post:-

  • Title:

To ensure, whether people are wanting to read your Blog Post, you should generate a Unique Title. The title plays an important role in getting the Blog reach a higher number of people and improves rankings of the website.

The title should be around 5-6 words long, it should be catchy, easy to understand and it should also contain the KEYWORDS on the topic you are writing about. For eg, if you have chosen to write on Blogging – the Title should have at least the word Blog or Blogging, this will give an impression to the readers and also it will derive an indication to Google to index the blog post at the top of the Google Search engine.

  • Content:

As I already said, ‘Content is King‘. It should be original as you, Never ever try submitting a duplicate or Copied content from another website, this is very bad, and also your post will get denied from getting Published on the blog.

Tips to write a Good and Unique Content


Always start with an introduction to the topic you are writing about. Let the readers get to know about basic knowledge of that particular Topic.


You can state the reason behind choosing the particular topic to Readers and Visitors so that it will excite them to read your post throughout the end.

How To Do:

Here, comes the main part of the content. You will have to explain How to do this like if your writing about Android, tell them, how to use the app, what are their benefits etc…If you are writing about Softwares, briefly explain how to download and install this software, benefits, Uses, and features…and if you are writing about Blogging, explain how to use this technique to get featured, ways, source etc…

But if you are writing about Life Hacks like Motivational, DIY(Do It Yourself), Inspirational etc…then state why it is important, how can you stay happy, guide them towards positive leads but don’t ever misguide them with Negative thoughts.


Meanwhile, while explaining How to do tips, also adds up some images, so that people will find easy to understand that particular they are going to read. If you are regular to the website, so you might know how I write Posts with the brief explanation and Informative Images. Click the links below to know more about it.

Conclusion (Optional)

Every article should be given a conclusion, this makes the readers given a clear ending note about what they have read till now and whether the information was useful and Interesting.

Creating Featured Images:

In order to make get your post identified on the website, you will need to create a featured image for your Post. Featured image is nothing but the very first image of your Blog post which will be shown on the Home page of the website.

You can you various software to create featured images like Photoshops, Picsart, Picasa etc. And also, you can create the image online by using Canva.

The image should be attractive and eye-catching, Go to the website once and you will get an idea how featured image should look alike.

After you create the image, Go to your post > Scroll Down and at the right, you will see Add Featured Image. Upload the image with giving unique Title and ALT text.

Optimizing The Post

Here comes, the ending part of the post, before you  submit a post, you will need to optimize whatever you have written, optimizing means Using

  • Use H1, H2,H3,H4,H5, H6 Tags on various subheadings.
  • Highlighting important words and sentences with making the text Bolds and Italics.
  • The paragraph shouldn’t be long, keep the length of each paragraph nearly around 50 words and then continue to the next. This will help readers to easily read the blog post without getting bored and annoyed.
  • Check the spelling mistakes and reframe of sentences. I recommend using to check of the spelling mistakes in the post. You can download that tool Grammarly Chrome extension from Chrome extension store. And if you are writing on your Mobile, Install Grammarly app from Play store and IOS.
  • Insert ALT tags on images. Whenever you upload an image, change the title suppose you download an image from Google Images then the title of the image will be this “Blogging-1-760×400” change it to the Keyword you have used like any software name, android app, Blogging etc. Then you can see the ‘ALT Text‘ option on the 3rd box-  Copy Paste the same test which you have written in the title.

Submitting The Post:

You have read the guidelines, Written the post, Optimized the content and now it’s time to Submit the post for review. At the top left opposite to Title, you will see publish button. Click Publish and your post will be under ‘Pending Review’ It means, I will be reading your post where I will go through the content, Images, Writing style etc. And I will be personally reviewing your each and every post you have submitted. If your content truly pours the value with your thoughts, IT will surely Be Published on the website.

Last but not Least, Your Ideas matters most. Feel free to share your knowledge that will help others who don’t know what is happening in the world.

Don’t Worry, I have full faith in you that you will truly follow the guidelines and give your Best of the best content and one day for sure, you will find a true experience towards the gateway of Blogging.

Thank You,

Your Truly Blogger

Meith Jain